Maintenance and Service on Nordex, Vestas, WindWorld, Siemens (AN Bonus) and Fuhrländer (FL70/77) Wind Turbines

  • Wind Turbine Maintenance (Lubrication and Annual Inspection)
  • Wind Turbine Inspections (Functional Inspection of the System)
  • Wind Turbine Repairs
  • Correction of Defects in the Original Construction
  • Transformer Maintenance
  • Maintenance of the Electrical Relay Station
  • Installation of CMS (Condition Monitoring Systems)
  • Certification of Security-Related-Systems
  • Maintenance of Voltage Regulation Equipment
  • Oil Exchanges

Oil Exchange Service on Wind Turbines

We have an exclusive cooperation agreement with the Company Kurt Ammenn through which we obtain and supply the necessary high performance lubricants for oil changes in Wind Turbines.

In the future we are also planning to offer Oil Exchange Services to Offshore Wind Parks.

To learn more about this development, please go to the Segment: Oil Exchange

Remote Data Monitoring

All of the Wind Turbines that we service are logged into an automatic remote monitoring system enabling us to observe their operation 24 hours a day 365 days each year,  We remain in constant contact with the owners and operators and, upon becoming aware of a problem, can respond very quickly.  Through this monitoring system, we accumulate a variety of significant operational data which we maintain in our Data Base for each Wind Turbine. This enables us to remain sensitive to early changes in operational parameters and undertake preventative corrective measures. By engaging in this comprehensive monitoring process, we are able to discover, detect and attend to more minor discrepancies, thus avoiding major repairs and long periods of “Down- Time” for the Turbines.

Speedwind Online Service (SOS)

Upon becoming aware of a potential problem through Remote Data Monitoring, we have the capability of first trying to correct the problem remotely from our central monitoring facilities. In those instances where this is possible, it reduces the necessity of sending out a service team, thus reducing maintenance costs and increasing the efficiency of the system.

Technical and Commercial Operations

One key element in our total sphere of operations involves the comprehensive management of Wind Parks.

With our skilled team of management personnel and technicians, we are able to attend to all elements of an effective and efficient Wind Generation and Wind Park Operation.

Through our internal accounting and monitoring controls, we are able to offer our customers a commercially viable operational system.

Tower and Rotor Blade Service*

  • Tower Services
  • Rotor Blade Services
  • Service Lift Mainatinance

* We provide this Service in cooperation with other partner companies who have specialized in rotor blade services.

Broker for Used Wind Turbines

Through our many yeas of operations in the Wind Energy Branch, we have acquired knowledge of a wide range of contacts and resources. We are a broker for the acquisition and sale of Wind Turbines, and are able to provide Expert Surveys for Wind Turbines that are being marketed.  We also provide consultation to the parties involved in such transactions.

For a list of Wind Turbines presently being offered for sale, please click on the following link.   Sales/Purchases WT

Provision of Expert Surveys

We provide the service of Commissioning Expert Surveys in all areas of Wind Generation.  We submit Surveys only from those individuals who have achieved the status of Expert or Specialist in the particular area of review.