Specialist for Oil Exchange Services on Wind Turbines

Through a cooperative arrangement with the Company Kurt Ammenn, specialists in supplying High Quality Lubricants for Wind Turbines, we are able to offer you our Guarantee for a quick, reliable, clean and professional service related to all aspects of Oil Exchange Services on Wind Turbines.

In the Process of generating Wind Energy, there are enormous mechanical forces acting on the Rotor and on the various components of the Generator and Transmission.  Additionally, variable climatic conditions such as temperature and humidity changes, as well as atmospheric exposure, all play a role in contributing to the deterioration of the lubricants used in the Wind Turbines.

For this reason it is necessary to institute a program of regular transmission and hydraulic oil changes, using the specially designed lubricants for Wind Turbines. This program of regular oil changes will help insure the longevity of your Wind Turbine.


In order to insure that such oil changes can be completed in an efficient and ecologically friendly manner, we have designed a Special Service Vehicle to facilitate pumping out the used oil and refilling the unit with the new specially designed oils.


Our Oil Exchange Service Includes:

Transportation  of the Fresh Lubricants in separate heated containers to and from the Wind Turbine using our Special Service Vehicle

Pumping out the used transmission and hydraulic oils

Flushing out  the oil containers and relevant systems

Replacement of all filters including cleaning the glass inspection bowls

■ Refilling the systems with Uncontaminated, Filtered and Pre-Heated Fresh Oil according to the Transmission Manufacturers Specifications.  These Oils meet the highest purity standards 16/14/11

         (DIN ISO 4406) 

         (Micro Filtration of Transmission Oil to 6 µm)

         (Micro Filtration of Hydraulic Oil to 3 µm)

■ Disposal of the Used Oil and Contaminated Filters according to Certified Ecologically Friendly Procedures.  (Documented per  AVV 130205)



Cooperation with the Technical Operations  Personnel

Reduction of „Down-Time“ for the Wind Turbine

■ Secure storage of the used and new oils through the use of special oil collection and secure containers etc.

Extraordinarily High Flow-Rate in the oil exchange hoses made possible by pre-heating the Fresh Oils

Oil Contamination between different oils is excluded through the use of separate tank containers in the Special Service Vehicle.


Should you be interested in receiving a Service Proposal for the Oil Exchanges on your Wind Turbine please don’t hesitate to contact us.  Alternatively, please fill in the Online Questionnaire for Oil Exchanges shown here as a clickable link. We will respond to your query with a Service Proposal as soon as possible.