We maintain and service Wind Turbines from the Manufacturers Nordex, Vestas, WindWorld, Siemens (AN Bonus) an Fuhrländer (FL70/77). These Wind Turbines have performance capacities ranging between 150 KW to 2 MW.  We have accumulated many years of experience especially in relation to the older Wind Turbines manufactured by Nordex and Vestas.  In addition to our service experience, we also have major supplies of spare parts particularly for these units.

Tell us your problem and we will find a solution!

We have very experienced technicians and also an extensive Wind-Network including many partners.  This enables us to respond very quickly and to acquire spare parts within a short period of time. For example, we have  experienced specialists for Transmission Systems who are capable of a range of services extending from Video Endoscopic Analysis to a complete Transmission Exchange. Other problems related to Girder Mast Maintenance or to the Inspection of Technical Systems or Systems Monitoring or supplying an Expert Survey can all be addressed by utilizing other members of our extensive Wind-Network.

A Modern and Reliable Maintenance Concept is Necessary for Predictable Revenues

Our Operational Manager is a co- operator of many Wind Turbines. His experience provides us at Speedwind with an intimate knowledge of the Requirements, Experience and Problems associated with operating these Wind Turbines.  Commercial and Technical competence in operating these Wind Turbines is part of our vocabulary and is not foreign to our experience.  We are quite aware of the two main phrases related to Wind Turbine: “On-Line-Time” and Revenues.

Myth within the Branch: Independent Service Suppliers?

Independent Service Suppliers are in competition with Manufacturers as well as Large Service Suppliers and need to prove their viability. The same questions keep coming up repeatedly in relation to Service Performance and Quality of Service. Speedwind has carefully considered these questions and provides the following answers!

Frequently asked Questions:

Is Speedwind really capable of supplying a permanent remote monitoring system for our Wind Turbines?

In contrast to many other competitive companies, Speedwind has established a system of Remote Monitoring of Wind Turbines which guarantees monitoring 24 hours per day, 365 days each year.  All of the units for which we have service contracts are included within this system.  Two times each day we activate an online provocation designed to elicit potential problems. Should this monitoring process reveal an emerging problem, we are able to respond day and night within a short period of time.

How many Speedwind employees are available for Service?

Speedwind not only employs it’s own service technicians, it also has access to the employees of other independent service providers within the entity we call Wind-Network. This gives us access to about 15 well experienced Service Technicians. Through the use of this Wind-Network, we are able to supply service teams throughout North-, West- and East Germany.

Can Speedwind supply the full range of spare parts as well as large components such as a new transmission for my Wind Turbine?

Since many years now, Speedwind has been able to supply a wide range of spare parts.  We are members of two different Purchasing Cooperatives and in addition are listed as suppliers by both Nordex and Vestas. Through these connections and our affiliation with the Wind-Network, we have adequate accessibility to the necessary sources of spare parts.